We develop training on behalf of UCOP Risk Services for all campuses and UC Health locations

  • Online training. Produces online training and videos.
  • Classroom training. Creates classroom training materials such as presentations, handouts, job aids / infographics (e.g., “training in a box”). 
  • Videography/Photography. Films, records, and produces live events.
  • Facilitation. Hosts workshops / webinars, and provides conference registration services. Prepares presenters and coordinates hands-on workshops.
  • Media library. Maintains collection of 300+ courses, recordings, and videos. Manages access to original source files for other universities.
  • LMS. Works with UCLC Administrators and other training managers to launch training and assignments at your location. Solves training records issues. Provides access to training outside of the LMS.
  • Certifications. Provides CEUs and certificates (e.g., EH&S Professional Education program)
  • Translations.  Provides translations of various training materials.
  • Supports other COEs and workgroups

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We work with representatives from all the University of California campuses to develop innovative and engaging online training.  We coordinate the design meetings, content creation, and testing of all our courses.  In coordination with the Learning Management Administrator, we help get courses uploaded to the UC Learning Center.  In addition, we create reports to track reactions, behavior and how many people completed these trainings.

View some of our courses below:
Concussions Safety
Motorized Cart Safety



We work with you on all aspects of video production, from developing the script, arranging for actors, filming, and editing.  We have a state-of-the-art Recording Studio for all of your video filming and audio recording needs.  Our team also creates animated videos and screencast tutorials.

View some of our videos below:
Reasonable Accommodations
Back Safety


Continuing Education Units


We provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for individuals in EH&S, Risk Management, Actuaries, and Disability/Vocational Rehab Staff.  If there is an accreditation we have not covered, please email and we will make every effort to have it added.

View our CEU offerings below:



Translation Services

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Risk & Safety Training can provide translations of various training materials.  We offer a hassle-free way to translate your documents into several languages, thanks to our AI-based language translator.

We support three different text formats, including PDF, Word (.docx), and PowerPoint (.pptx), allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

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