2021 Fieldwork Toolkit Leadership Training Series


Improve your leadership and communication skills!  This training series will feature timely, challenging  topics lead by subject matter experts, presented online in workshop format with opportunities to discuss scenarios, practice skills, and plan for your specific field projects and settings.

The training series is free and will be hosted by the UC Field Research Safety Center of Excellence online Wednesdays in March. Space is limited. Participants are expected to attend all four workshops and will earn a leadership training certificate. Any questions may be directed to the planning team: Claudia Alli (UCLA), Sara Souza (UC Berkeley), or Jason Herum (UC Davis).

For more information and resources, visit the UC Field Research Safety Center of Excellence website or view the 2020 Fieldwork Toolkit Webinar Series.

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March 3, 2021
(9AM-Noon, PST)

Trip Planning: Risk Management for Field Settings
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Chris Lay
Ken Norris Center for Natural History at UCSC
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Jamboard Wisdom

Teaching Aide
March 10, 2021
(10AM-Noon, PST)
Creating, Enforcing, and Promoting Safe Fieldwork Culture: Strategies aimed at protecting diverse researchers
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Monique Avery Pipkin
Amelia-Juliette Demery

Cornell University, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
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Jamboard (Risks)

Jamboard (Scenario)
March 17, 2021
(10AM-Noon, PST)
Mental Health in the Field: Best Practices and Pitfalls
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Dr. Saira Bano Khan
Mind Compass Psychology

Dr. Cedric John
Imperial College of London, Dept of Earth Sciences and Engineering


Case Studies I

Case Studies II

March 24, 2021
(1:30PM-3:30PM, PST)
Building a Better Fieldwork Future Workshop: Preventing Harassment & Assault in the Field 
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Melissa Cronin
UCSC, Conservation Action Lab

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